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For service or repairs on your air conditioning, you can count on Pretoria East Air Conditioning to get the job done. We provide fast, reliable service and guarantee our customer’s satisfaction. Our highly trained technicians are experienced in repairing all types of air conditioners and furnaces. We will diagnose your system and advise a solution that best meets your comfort needs and budget. We use nothing but the best quality equipment when repairing your system and guarantee our work.
PEAC strives on helping our customers live more comfortable and healthy lives. Call us now to schedule an appointment or service

Residential Air conditioning.
During summers, it is natural for us to turn towards cooling
machines like air conditioners. We tend to overuse the machine
beyond its capacity. If we do not spend time in taking care of the
unit, we will eventually end up spending a fortune on it. There is
company in Pretoria East that can help us with the maintenance of
air conditioners.
Pretoria East Air Conditioning offers repair and maintenance services to residential as well as
commercial. PEAC air duct cleaning also offer high quality services and products at affordable
Commercial Air Conditioning.
We repair, service and maintain all types of commercial air
conditioning units.
Through ongoing maintenance you:
• Maintain the air Quality of your air-conditioning system
• Improve system reliability and efficiency all year round
• Extend the working life of your Air conditioning and ventilation Equipment
• Reduce operation costs while maintaining a high level of performance
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